Relationship Goals

Having fun.
Having fun.

I had THE best time dancing to Beyoncé in my kitchen last night. Soo much fun! Good friends were over, the moon was almost full and yes alcohol was involved.

The best part was seeing my husband’s joy when he was watching me dance. He had the cutest littlest smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye, like a kid. He was getting such a kick out of seeing me have so much fun and being totally free. And when I realized I was the source of his joy, it amplified my joy. We were both getting such a kick out of each other.

Pure freakin’ joy and such a great moment in time.

Lesson here:  Everything is amplified when shared.  The love, the joy, the fun, the connection…everything!

Bon Voyage!


“Stay in Your Head, You’re Dead” – Tony Robbins

Just do it!
Just do it!

A few posts ago, I wrote about our Tree Top Adventure at Isaberg Mountain Resort.  I realized this morning that this adventure occurred at THE BEST possible time for me.

I was so in my head about this blog.  The gremlin conversation was in full swing and I was panicking.  I was feeling insecure and I was questioning my abilities.

Regardless of how I was feeling, we were scheduled to do the Tree Top Adventure at two o’clock, so off we went.  Once the adventure began, the self-defeating conversation stopped.  My mind and body became alert and I was catapulted into the moment.  My self-induced suffering had ended.

I noticed that it didn’t matter whether I thought I could or couldn’t do the obstacle, I did it anyway.  I prevailed.  That’s what I meant about breaking down mental barriers in my earlier post.

The whole experience was unnerving, scary, yet fun and exciting.  I was a whole new person by the end of it.  I was exhilarated and proud.

Lesson here:  Stretch yourself.  Shake things up and watch yourself grow and light up.

Bon Voyage!


Why Not Start a New Life?

This cat. This expression. This caption. You nailed it Spiral Out.
This cat. This expression. This caption. Thank you Spiral Out. You nailed it!

It was this innocent cat photo with this caption that started it all. Look at that face!  It got me thinking…why don’t more people pack up, move, go on an adventure and get the hell out.  If they aren’t happy, why wouldn’t they? What’s stopping them? Because let’s be real, when you want something bad enough you find a way.

That’s when it came to me.  It’s peoples identity.  It’s their identity and the story they tell themselves about who they are that stops them. This is who I am, my name is fill in the blank, this is where I live, this what I do, this is what I do not do, this is my family, these are my friends, this is how I show up in my world and this is what I do on weekends.  If you’re happy, it’s all good, great in fact.  Please feel free to ignore me. But if you’re not happy, if you’re bored and you feel stuck maybe it’s time to do something about it. Tell a new story and re-define yourself.

What lights you up here and now?  Where do you want to go next? What do you want to do now?  Who do you want to be and be around?  And most importantly, how do you want to feel?  Just because we see the same face in the mirror day after day doesn’t mean we are the same person day after day.  You are a living, breathing ever-changing being.  We are meant to evolve, that is what all of life is, evolution.

Don’t let who you’ve always been and what you’ve always done define who you are right now.  Give yourself permission to explore more.

Lesson here:  There’s no satisfaction in being who you once were. True satisfaction comes from being all that you are right here, right now.

Bon Voyage!


I Live for Creative Expression

Lake Värnern, Kinnekulle Nature Reserve in Hällekis, Sweden
Lake Värnern, Kinnekulle Nature Reserve in Hällekis, Sweden

Who knew?!  I certainly didn’t, not until now that is.

The creativity and the desire to express myself is pouring out of me and it’s making me feel incredible.  I’m feeling connected, loved, understood, supported and no one has even read any of my posts yet.

Oh wait, hold up, about 22 people have.  But it doesn’t even matter because it was allowing the energy and creativity to flow through me that felt amazing!  Either I’m delusional or I’m on to something here. LOL

I’m so happy that I followed my inner guidance and allowed myself to do this.  Best decision ever. Period.

Lesson here:  Go in.  Listen.  You might be astonished at what comes out.  And you might just fall in love with yourself.

Bon Voyage!


Disclaimer: I Once Had a Miserable Time in Paris

Photo from inside The Louvre in Paris, France
Photo from inside The Louvre in Paris, France

My husband and I went to Paris back in March 2012 and we had the most miserable time.  Imagine that.  The city of love with your love and it’s shit. Our relationship was fine and we weren’t fighting or anything like that. We just weren’t into it and even left Paris feeling disappointed. We admitted it to each other but never told anyone else.

How could this possibly be?  How could we not enjoy ourselves in one of the most fabulous, cultural, creative, fashionable, champagne-loving, crepe-loving, chocolate, croissant, cheese-loving places on earth?

It’s easy. At that time we weren’t happy inside. Life was sort of meh, we sort of lost our way and we brought that to Paris with us. It didn’t matter how great the outside conditions were, it was what we were feeling on the inside that was shaping our experience. It had nothing to do with Paris, although for some time we thought it did. For real, that’s how bad it was.

Lesson here: You bring you wherever you go.  You cannot escape you. And most of all, do whatever you can to feel good no matter what.  Your life experience depends on it.

Bon Voyage!


Isaberg Mountain Resort Review

Tree Top Adventure at Isaberg Mountain Resort in Hestra, Sweden
Tree Top Adventure at Isaberg Mountain Resort in Hestra, Sweden

Isaberg Mountain Resort takes camping to a whole new level. There’s so much to do. Hiking, biking, canoeing, sup-ing, segway-ing, golfing, geocaching, tree top adventure-ing and more. We loved it so much we went back again the very next weekend.

I’m going to focus on the Tree Top Adventure because it really was something else. Essentially it’s an obstacle course suspended in the air, held up by trees, cables and platforms.  Because an obstacle course on the ground would not have been challenging enough. Oh wait, they have that too!

You sign your life away, pay, get into your harness, put on a helmet, gloves and then they provide you with a safety briefing. Once the safety briefing is complete, you go through a little testing area to see if you know how to follow instructions. If you get the okay, you are on your way.

You are totally solely responsible for you. And what I mean by that is, you are responsible for hooking your two carabiners on and off the safety cables at all times and even attaching your very own zip line trolley onto the cable when it’s time to zip line. Seriously, the trust and confidence these people have in us humans. I’ve never seen anything like it. And the guides aren’t even up there with you. The guides are below you, still on land. But of course,they are ready to support you if needed. Knowing it was all up to you added so much more to the experience. You actually had to think. LOL

Lesson here: We are so much more capable than we think we are.

There are 4 different levels of obstacle courses. The green is beginner, red is moderate, blue is technical and black is very difficult. The best tip we received was to not save the black obstacle course for last. Most people think the black course is something they would want to build up to but not in this case. One of the guides told us that if we did save the black for last we might not have the arm strength to finish it. That tip saved us or me at least.

We started off with the red course which was challenging, especially when you are dealing with the nerves still. The nerves never really went away but you gained confidence as you went along. From there we did the dreaded black course, which was non-stop challenge after challenge and all about breaking down mental barriers.

Lesson here: You really CAN do it!

After that, we hit the blue course. We flew through it because it has the most zip lines. It was the most fun of all and was the perfect way to end it.

I left feeling happy, proud and like I could tackle ALMOST anything. Definitely worth the 320 sek. Did I mention there were some small kids on there too?! Amazing!

Bon Voyage!


The Beauty of Meditation for Me

The Beauty of Meditation
The Beauty of Meditation

It calms my mind and allows me to calm down.
Take a second, breathe.
Create space, appreciate.

I get to tune in.
Go deep within, to the part of me who knows ultimately what is best for me.

I love it here because fear doesn’t exist here.
It’s just me, free, experiencing all of me.
And the moment in all its purity.

Bon Voyage!


Why I Decided to Start a Blog

Beautiful Day of Hiking at Hatcher's Pass in Alaska
Beautiful Day of Hiking at Hatcher’s Pass in Alaska

I did it for me
And for the world to see

I said it
It wasn’t that bad
It’s the truth after all

I wanted a place
A beautiful space
Where I could express myself whole-heartedly

There’s nothing wrong with it
Although some might judge it
But that’s fine by me
Because we are all free

I wanted to share more of me
Because I finally like what I see
And adore being me

And I wish it too
For all of you

Bon Voyage!


The Voyage Starts Here

Absolute gorgeousness on the way to Seward, Alaska for some fishing.
The open road and absolute gorgeousness on the way to Seward, Alaska for some fishing.

I’ve always been one to seek truth and seek meaning in life.  And I now know that LOVING yourself and your life is where it’s at.  Our “SOUL” purpose is to bring the fullness of who we are into each and every moment and to find ways to feel good no matter what.

This is precisely what I am choosing to do.  I love me and my life and you should too.  Ok, not me and my life but you, loving you and your life. You get the idea!  LOL

This blog is going to be filled with all things I love…travel, adventure, good vibes, insights and all the good stuff needed along the way.  Enjoy your stay or simply go away.  All is well either way.

Bon Voyage!