Nudging You In

Be Still.
Be Still.

It’s so over
What is old
has now been shed
Done, gone, dead

I’ve been freed
from mental entanglements
No longer serving
a poisonous dwelling

Freed, vivified
and very much alive

I encourage all
to go on and shed
whatever is dead

Free form
do not conform
Make peace inside
liberate your mind

Experience the unconditional love
the love you are made of

I encourage you
I urge you
I nudge you
go in
Take a good, deep listen
to your heart’s infinite wisdom

Bon Voyage,


You Can Have it All

Love Abounds
Love Abounds

If the soul is the only part of us that is eternal, why wouldn’t we make it our highest priority?

Perhaps our soul purpose is exactly that, our soul.

Inner peace, love, joy, kindness and contentment are what our soul seeks. When you have that, you have it all.

True fulfilment is found in no thing. When we come to understand this, life takes on a whole new meaning and love abounds.

Bon Voyage,


True Story


All the beauty and love that awaits you
Resides inside of you
No one else can discover it
Or uncover it
But you
And you wouldn’t want them to

It is yours
And yours alone

And it’s the greatest treasure you’ll ever find
Here’s a hint, it’s not in your mind
Go within

with your heart
It knows all your best parts

Connect to the Universal mind
And prepare to experience the Sublime
Because you are magnificently Divine
And you were meant to shine

Bon Voyage,


This is my Worldview

Gone fishing in Alaska =)
Life is good…only if you let it.

The only news I care about today:

My heart is beating
My ears are hearing
My eyes are seeing
My limbs are moving
My lungs are breathing
My blood is circulating
My mouth is speaking
My tongue is tasting
My nose is smelling
My mind is thinking
My being is feeling
My body is thriving
My soul is high flying
My essence is loving

And I am rejoicing in all that is right in the world.

This is my worldview.

Bon Voyage!