Feel How Lovely

Sink deep into love, deep into life
Feel the light
Absorb the beauty, the harmony
And feel how lovely

How lovely it is to be alive
How lovely it is to thrive
And even cry

It serves us to reflect upon
To look beyond
What the eyes cannot see
And contemplate the mystery

Is it all by chance
Or a divine dance?

There’s so much order and grandeur
It’s hard not to imagine the latter

Bon Voyage,


Coming Home

What does it feel like?
How do you know?

It’s warm, cozy, familiar
And yet, a little peculiar
Sometimes you feel it in a touch
Or an all encompassing rush

It’s hard to describe
Maybe it’s the whole reason we are alive
So we may come to know our true selves
Beyond our physical cells

As we start to come into our own
We realise we were never alone
And that to me is indicative of coming home

Bon Voyage,


Shedding Light on Jealousy and Envy


The other day I wrote down these words; I wish to see all parts of me and embrace them lovingly.

And boom!, the very next day jealousy and envy decided to show up. Instead of pushing against, resisting or trying to change what I was feeling, I let it sit there for a bit and decided to investigate.

Jealously and envy, what do you intend? Are you a foe or are you a friend?

By asking these two simple questions, I immediately felt some space open up between me and my emotions. The emotions no longer consumed me, instead I was curious as to what I would find and got some of my power back in the meantime.

I realized that these feelings could only arise when I was stuck in my mind, judging and comparing. Old patterns of comparison and unworthiness were activated and my attention was no longer in the present moment.

Good to know.

Then I started thinking, what if feeling shitty wasn’t such a bad thing? What if its purpose is to warn us, to protect us and to guide us back towards love? If we didn’t feel bad than how else would we know we’d fallen into destructive thoughts or behavior. I believe these so called negative emotions are here to help us, to alert us. “MAYDAY, MAYDAY!! Not this way, turn back towards love, Love.”

It’s amazing how I automatically assumed jealousy and envy were bad and were trying to hurt me, when all along they were trying to guide me back towards my worthiness, my wholeness and most of all love.

Big Lesson Here:

To compete and to compare is such a part of our conditioning we often don’t notice we’re doing it and wonder why we’re so miserable.
We are literally all different flowers with our own scents and characteristics, each one uniquely beautiful and magnificent. Yet, beneath it all, we are all the same.
So less comparing, more loving. Appreciating each and everyone for who they are and the gifts they bring.
There’s no need to compete when we understand that we are ALL whole, full and complete.
Now let us all breathe a big sigh of relief. (Aaaaaaah…)

Bon Voyage,


Contemplative State of Mind


Things I have been contemplating lately are:

The very essence of nature is change. Of course it is, it’s so obvious now. But funny how in our human forms we are sometimes so resistant to change when in fact we are changing every moment of every day and so is everything around us.

Life is now. All that matters is right now. Now is the leading edge of creation.

Trust. So much trust, in myself, in life and in others.

Love is all around us and is us. We are made by love, in love, with love.

WE are worthy and we ALL matter a lot. As we expand so does the Universe.

Bon Voyage,


Nudging You In

Be Still.
Be Still.

It’s so over
What is old
has now been shed
Done, gone, dead

I’ve been freed
from mental entanglements
No longer serving
a poisonous dwelling

Freed, vivified
and very much alive

I encourage all
to go on and shed
whatever is dead

Free form
do not conform
Make peace inside
liberate your mind

Experience the unconditional love
the love you are made of

I encourage you
I urge you
I nudge you
go in
Take a good, deep listen
to your heart’s infinite wisdom

Bon Voyage,


You Can Have it All

Love Abounds
Love Abounds

If the soul is the only part of us that is eternal, why wouldn’t we make it our highest priority?

Perhaps our soul purpose is exactly that, our soul.

Inner peace, love, joy, kindness and contentment are what our soul seeks. When you have that, you have it all.

True fulfilment is found in no thing. When we come to understand this, life takes on a whole new meaning and love abounds.

Bon Voyage,


True Story


All the beauty and love that awaits you
Resides inside of you
No one else can discover it
Or uncover it
But you
And you wouldn’t want them to

It is yours
And yours alone

And it’s the greatest treasure you’ll ever find
Here’s a hint, it’s not in your mind
Go within

with your heart
It knows all your best parts

Connect to the Universal mind
And prepare to experience the Sublime
Because you are magnificently Divine
And you were meant to shine

Bon Voyage,


A Heartfelt Declaration

Let your heart bloom.
Let your heart bloom.

I have always trusted my heart to guide me and guide my decisions. It becomes very evident to me when it’s time to move on and take the next step. If my heart is not fulfilled, I cannot pretend and whatever it is, must end. This is how I honour myself and make space for some other kind of wonderful to come in.

Everything has a time and a place. I know this. I trust this. I love this. For I am forever expanding and becoming more fully who I am on this beautiful voyage called life.

So here it is, I am officially closing my juicing company. It was a beautiful run but I’m done. I’m making space for the next wonderful adventure that awaits me and welcome it in whole-heartedly.

Lesson here: Honour yourself by trusting yourself. And know that the Universe always has your back.

Disclaimer: I Once Had a Miserable Time in Paris

Photo from inside The Louvre in Paris, France
Photo from inside The Louvre in Paris, France

My husband and I went to Paris back in March 2012 and we had the most miserable time.  Imagine that.  The city of love with your love and it’s shit. Our relationship was fine and we weren’t fighting or anything like that. We just weren’t into it and even left Paris feeling disappointed. We admitted it to each other but never told anyone else.

How could this possibly be?  How could we not enjoy ourselves in one of the most fabulous, cultural, creative, fashionable, champagne-loving, crepe-loving, chocolate, croissant, cheese-loving places on earth?

It’s easy. At that time we weren’t happy inside. Life was sort of meh, we sort of lost our way and we brought that to Paris with us. It didn’t matter how great the outside conditions were, it was what we were feeling on the inside that was shaping our experience. It had nothing to do with Paris, although for some time we thought it did. For real, that’s how bad it was.

Lesson here: You bring you wherever you go.  You cannot escape you. And most of all, do whatever you can to feel good no matter what.  Your life experience depends on it.

Bon Voyage!