Feel How Lovely

Sink deep into love, deep into life
Feel the light
Absorb the beauty, the harmony
And feel how lovely

How lovely it is to be alive
How lovely it is to thrive
And even cry

It serves us to reflect upon
To look beyond
What the eyes cannot see
And contemplate the mystery

Is it all by chance
Or a divine dance?

There’s so much order and grandeur
It’s hard not to imagine the latter

Bon Voyage,


Coming Home

What does it feel like?
How do you know?

It’s warm, cozy, familiar
And yet, a little peculiar
Sometimes you feel it in a touch
Or an all encompassing rush

It’s hard to describe
Maybe it’s the whole reason we are alive
So we may come to know our true selves
Beyond our physical cells

As we start to come into our own
We realise we were never alone
And that to me is indicative of coming home

Bon Voyage,


Deeply Rooted in Love


I am deeply rooted in love
How could I not be?
Have you seen all the beauty that surrounds me?

Stunning Mother Nature
The sun, the moon, ocean and trees
The birds, the bees, plants, rivers and streams

I am beyond pleased to know the depth of this beauty
And the magic of this time space reality

The wholeness, the fullness,
Unity and harmony
And most certainly,

I am and we are all,
Deeply rooted in love
It’s what we are made of

Bon Voyage,