You DO Have the Power!

You DO have the Power!

Do you know how much I have doubted myself?

Questioned myself?

Not even slightly believed in myself?

Too many friggin’ times to count.

Oh! The painful inner dialogue.

Maybe you can relate?

And that’s the thing, when it’s happening to us, we think it is ONLY happening to US.


When in fact, IT happens to ALL OF US and more often then we would like to admit. But acknowledgment is the first step.

It’s that whole “You’ve got to FEEL it to HEAL it” thing. And before you can do that, you have to recognise It even exists.

It being “I’ll never be good enough or amount to anything” inner dialogue. Yay, that.

It’s the furthest thing away from the truth but somehow it found its way in there and it’s our job to make sure that BS programming doesn’t wreak havoc in our lives.

I want to highlight that again…it’s nothing personal, it’s something we ALL go through.  So no more poor me, it’s something we simply need to learn HOW to manage.

Here’s a 4 step TAKE YOUR POWER BACK process to help you:

1. Acknowledge how you are feeling without berating yourself further. Challenging but totally doable.

2. Take a few deep breaths and ask yourself, what can I do right now to make myself feel better?

(When you’re in this state you’re most likely “all up in your head”, therefore taking a few breaths will help you come back into your body and if you’re really lucky maybe you’ll start to connect with your heart. Putting your hands over your heart as you take deep breaths is also incredibly helpful, it will further signal your body to relax and allow you to more easily access your heart.)

3. Examples of what you could do to make yourself feel better in any given moment:

a) You can ask yourself what you were thinking of, focussed on or doing that made you feel that way? Self-reflection is helpful and can help you avoid the same pitfall next time by building self-awareness.

b) You can sit quietly and take deep breaths, go for a walk, take a shower or a nap, have a bath, journal or cry it out but put a time limit on it. You can workout, read, listen to music, dance, listen to an inspiring podcast or watch a cat video (I just had to!), etc.

c) Do whatever you need to do for you in that moment. Check in, listen and take some sort of action. Otherwise, you’ll stay stuck. And the longer it goes on for, the harder it is to get out of. There’s a way out but it’s only if you choose.

4. Do your best not to numb yourself with food, alcohol or narcotics. This will only prolong your suffering. Find healthy ways to soothe yourself.

In other words…
BE good to yourself.
Be exceptionally good to yourself.
Start to understand WHO you are and WHAT your needs are.

To thrive, what do you need to do for you?

Because YOU are your OWN responsibility. No one else is responsible for you and the quality of your life. It’s all on you.

As Glinda the Good Witch fromThe Wizard of OZ said:

“You always had the power my dear you just had to learn it for yourself.”

Bon Voyage,


What if Everything is Meant to Serve Us?


What if everything is meant to serve us?
What if even in the disorder, there is order?
How can we truly know if something is bad?
What if it leads to something rad?

Maybe it’s all part of the process.
On the way to something far greater.
How can we think for a second we know it all and what will ultimately serve us?

If we had it our way we’d avoid pain and suffering at all costs.
And how much good would that do us?
Never learning, growing, overcoming and challenging ourselves.
Never experiencing the depths of our being, our love, our joy, our light, radiance, courage and strength. We’d be bored and definitely not as evolved.

So how can we know what is best for us, when we don’t even know how all this works?
All this being the Universe.
Perhaps it’s time to trust the very thing that put us here on this earth.
Suddenly one day we were here and we don’t even know how that happened besides the fact that our parents had sex.

Call it what you will my friends (Source Energy, Higher Power, God, Infinite Intelligence…) but there’s “Something” and it’s the one thing that connects us all. It’s you, it’s me, it’s we, all of creation and infinity. Seriously, the Universe is infinite…no end, no beginning, limitless.

Can you even wrap your head around this?

Therefore, just because society sets certain standards and says it needs to be a certain way, you need to be a certain way. You don’t. You have a choice. You get to choose. You get to decide, create, express, test, try on, explore, see, learn, grow, experiment with what is best for you. And what is best for you right now won’t always be.
And that’s a good thing, great in fact because you are always evolving.

You get to create whatever it is you want to create in this life because just like the Universe, you too are limitless. It’s simply about owning it and believing it with all your heart.

I promise you if you want to do a world of good, the world will join you.

But first and foremost you need to start with you. Know thyself first and then. Because we cannot give what we do not have and even that is constantly unfolding.

Lesson Here: Be you. Be love. Be limitless and trust the process.

Namaste & Bon Voyage,


Coming Home

What does it feel like?
How do you know?

It’s warm, cozy, familiar
And yet, a little peculiar
Sometimes you feel it in a touch
Or an all encompassing rush

It’s hard to describe
Maybe it’s the whole reason we are alive
So we may come to know our true selves
Beyond our physical cells

As we start to come into our own
We realise we were never alone
And that to me is indicative of coming home

Bon Voyage,


Shedding Light on Jealousy and Envy


The other day I wrote down these words; I wish to see all parts of me and embrace them lovingly.

And boom!, the very next day jealousy and envy decided to show up. Instead of pushing against, resisting or trying to change what I was feeling, I let it sit there for a bit and decided to investigate.

Jealously and envy, what do you intend? Are you a foe or are you a friend?

By asking these two simple questions, I immediately felt some space open up between me and my emotions. The emotions no longer consumed me, instead I was curious as to what I would find and got some of my power back in the meantime.

I realized that these feelings could only arise when I was stuck in my mind, judging and comparing. Old patterns of comparison and unworthiness were activated and my attention was no longer in the present moment.

Good to know.

Then I started thinking, what if feeling shitty wasn’t such a bad thing? What if its purpose is to warn us, to protect us and to guide us back towards love? If we didn’t feel bad than how else would we know we’d fallen into destructive thoughts or behavior. I believe these so called negative emotions are here to help us, to alert us. “MAYDAY, MAYDAY!! Not this way, turn back towards love, Love.”

It’s amazing how I automatically assumed jealousy and envy were bad and were trying to hurt me, when all along they were trying to guide me back towards my worthiness, my wholeness and most of all love.

Big Lesson Here:

To compete and to compare is such a part of our conditioning we often don’t notice we’re doing it and wonder why we’re so miserable.
We are literally all different flowers with our own scents and characteristics, each one uniquely beautiful and magnificent. Yet, beneath it all, we are all the same.
So less comparing, more loving. Appreciating each and everyone for who they are and the gifts they bring.
There’s no need to compete when we understand that we are ALL whole, full and complete.
Now let us all breathe a big sigh of relief. (Aaaaaaah…)

Bon Voyage,


Notes to a Dear Friend


Beautiful Soul Sister,

Our default is to operate from the head because that’s all we are taught. It’s up to each of us to make the journey from the head to the heart and when we do, that’s when we begin to understand what our existence is all about.

It’s a personal journey, one of our own soul. You do know best, you always do. Know that. Trust that.

We are taught to always look outside ourselves for answers, approval and guidance. But once we begin to look within instead, that’s when we tap into our true power and grace. If only people knew how magnificent they are, instead of buying into the idea that they lack something, we’d have a world filled with love, joy and kindness.

Recently I heard the only true measure of success is to love yourself unconditionally (Pause. Wow. Breathe that one in…)
and I couldn’t agree more. It starts from within. Our self-talk especially. We need to forgive ourselves, be gentle, loving, kind, caring and compassionate towards ourselves. In other words, we need to accept ourselves and eventually that will naturally turn into love, respect and honour towards ourselves and others.

Our inner dialogue is vital to our vitality. That I know for sure.
As Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “Change your thoughts, change your life”. Because ALL transformation begins within.

Therefore, less doing more being. You are already whole, complete, perfect just as you are. Rest in that. Know that. Let it sink deeply into your heart. Nothing more to prove, to improve, to do or be. Just complete acceptance of oneself. There in lies the magic, the power, the beauty. No longer needing anyone else to accept you because you accept you. Now that’s freedom!

Lesson Here: Only you can lovingly set yourself free.  Just be love.

Bon Voyage,


Nudging You In

Be Still.
Be Still.

It’s so over
What is old
has now been shed
Done, gone, dead

I’ve been freed
from mental entanglements
No longer serving
a poisonous dwelling

Freed, vivified
and very much alive

I encourage all
to go on and shed
whatever is dead

Free form
do not conform
Make peace inside
liberate your mind

Experience the unconditional love
the love you are made of

I encourage you
I urge you
I nudge you
go in
Take a good, deep listen
to your heart’s infinite wisdom

Bon Voyage,


True Story


All the beauty and love that awaits you
Resides inside of you
No one else can discover it
Or uncover it
But you
And you wouldn’t want them to

It is yours
And yours alone

And it’s the greatest treasure you’ll ever find
Here’s a hint, it’s not in your mind
Go within

with your heart
It knows all your best parts

Connect to the Universal mind
And prepare to experience the Sublime
Because you are magnificently Divine
And you were meant to shine

Bon Voyage,


This is my Worldview

Gone fishing in Alaska =)
Life is good…only if you let it.

The only news I care about today:

My heart is beating
My ears are hearing
My eyes are seeing
My limbs are moving
My lungs are breathing
My blood is circulating
My mouth is speaking
My tongue is tasting
My nose is smelling
My mind is thinking
My being is feeling
My body is thriving
My soul is high flying
My essence is loving

And I am rejoicing in all that is right in the world.

This is my worldview.

Bon Voyage!


Disclaimer: I Once Had a Miserable Time in Paris

Photo from inside The Louvre in Paris, France
Photo from inside The Louvre in Paris, France

My husband and I went to Paris back in March 2012 and we had the most miserable time.  Imagine that.  The city of love with your love and it’s shit. Our relationship was fine and we weren’t fighting or anything like that. We just weren’t into it and even left Paris feeling disappointed. We admitted it to each other but never told anyone else.

How could this possibly be?  How could we not enjoy ourselves in one of the most fabulous, cultural, creative, fashionable, champagne-loving, crepe-loving, chocolate, croissant, cheese-loving places on earth?

It’s easy. At that time we weren’t happy inside. Life was sort of meh, we sort of lost our way and we brought that to Paris with us. It didn’t matter how great the outside conditions were, it was what we were feeling on the inside that was shaping our experience. It had nothing to do with Paris, although for some time we thought it did. For real, that’s how bad it was.

Lesson here: You bring you wherever you go.  You cannot escape you. And most of all, do whatever you can to feel good no matter what.  Your life experience depends on it.

Bon Voyage!