Disclaimer: I Once Had a Miserable Time in Paris

Photo from inside The Louvre in Paris, France
Photo from inside The Louvre in Paris, France

My husband and I went to Paris back in March 2012 and we had the most miserable time.  Imagine that.  The city of love with your love and it’s shit. Our relationship was fine and we weren’t fighting or anything like that. We just weren’t into it and even left Paris feeling disappointed. We admitted it to each other but never told anyone else.

How could this possibly be?  How could we not enjoy ourselves in one of the most fabulous, cultural, creative, fashionable, champagne-loving, crepe-loving, chocolate, croissant, cheese-loving places on earth?

It’s easy. At that time we weren’t happy inside. Life was sort of meh, we sort of lost our way and we brought that to Paris with us. It didn’t matter how great the outside conditions were, it was what we were feeling on the inside that was shaping our experience. It had nothing to do with Paris, although for some time we thought it did. For real, that’s how bad it was.

Lesson here: You bring you wherever you go.  You cannot escape you. And most of all, do whatever you can to feel good no matter what.  Your life experience depends on it.

Bon Voyage!


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