Notes to a Dear Friend


Beautiful Soul Sister,

Our default is to operate from the head because that’s all we are taught. It’s up to each of us to make the journey from the head to the heart and when we do, that’s when we begin to understand what our existence is all about.

It’s a personal journey, one of our own soul. You do know best, you always do. Know that. Trust that.

We are taught to always look outside ourselves for answers, approval and guidance. But once we begin to look within instead, that’s when we tap into our true power and grace. If only people knew how magnificent they are, instead of buying into the idea that they lack something, we’d have a world filled with love, joy and kindness.

Recently I heard the only true measure of success is to love yourself unconditionally (Pause. Wow. Breathe that one in…)
and I couldn’t agree more. It starts from within. Our self-talk especially. We need to forgive ourselves, be gentle, loving, kind, caring and compassionate towards ourselves. In other words, we need to accept ourselves and eventually that will naturally turn into love, respect and honour towards ourselves and others.

Our inner dialogue is vital to our vitality. That I know for sure.
As Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “Change your thoughts, change your life”. Because ALL transformation begins within.

Therefore, less doing more being. You are already whole, complete, perfect just as you are. Rest in that. Know that. Let it sink deeply into your heart. Nothing more to prove, to improve, to do or be. Just complete acceptance of oneself. There in lies the magic, the power, the beauty. No longer needing anyone else to accept you because you accept you. Now that’s freedom!

Lesson Here: Only you can lovingly set yourself free.  Just be love.

Bon Voyage,


Contemplative State of Mind


Things I have been contemplating lately are:

The very essence of nature is change. Of course it is, it’s so obvious now. But funny how in our human forms we are sometimes so resistant to change when in fact we are changing every moment of every day and so is everything around us.

Life is now. All that matters is right now. Now is the leading edge of creation.

Trust. So much trust, in myself, in life and in others.

Love is all around us and is us. We are made by love, in love, with love.

WE are worthy and we ALL matter a lot. As we expand so does the Universe.

Bon Voyage,


Nudging You In

Be Still.
Be Still.

It’s so over
What is old
has now been shed
Done, gone, dead

I’ve been freed
from mental entanglements
No longer serving
a poisonous dwelling

Freed, vivified
and very much alive

I encourage all
to go on and shed
whatever is dead

Free form
do not conform
Make peace inside
liberate your mind

Experience the unconditional love
the love you are made of

I encourage you
I urge you
I nudge you
go in
Take a good, deep listen
to your heart’s infinite wisdom

Bon Voyage,


You Can Have it All

Love Abounds
Love Abounds

If the soul is the only part of us that is eternal, why wouldn’t we make it our highest priority?

Perhaps our soul purpose is exactly that, our soul.

Inner peace, love, joy, kindness and contentment are what our soul seeks. When you have that, you have it all.

True fulfilment is found in no thing. When we come to understand this, life takes on a whole new meaning and love abounds.

Bon Voyage,


True Story


All the beauty and love that awaits you
Resides inside of you
No one else can discover it
Or uncover it
But you
And you wouldn’t want them to

It is yours
And yours alone

And it’s the greatest treasure you’ll ever find
Here’s a hint, it’s not in your mind
Go within

with your heart
It knows all your best parts

Connect to the Universal mind
And prepare to experience the Sublime
Because you are magnificently Divine
And you were meant to shine

Bon Voyage,


This is my Worldview

Gone fishing in Alaska =)
Life is good…only if you let it.

The only news I care about today:

My heart is beating
My ears are hearing
My eyes are seeing
My limbs are moving
My lungs are breathing
My blood is circulating
My mouth is speaking
My tongue is tasting
My nose is smelling
My mind is thinking
My being is feeling
My body is thriving
My soul is high flying
My essence is loving

And I am rejoicing in all that is right in the world.

This is my worldview.

Bon Voyage!


A Heartfelt Declaration

Let your heart bloom.
Let your heart bloom.

I have always trusted my heart to guide me and guide my decisions. It becomes very evident to me when it’s time to move on and take the next step. If my heart is not fulfilled, I cannot pretend and whatever it is, must end. This is how I honour myself and make space for some other kind of wonderful to come in.

Everything has a time and a place. I know this. I trust this. I love this. For I am forever expanding and becoming more fully who I am on this beautiful voyage called life.

So here it is, I am officially closing my juicing company. It was a beautiful run but I’m done. I’m making space for the next wonderful adventure that awaits me and welcome it in whole-heartedly.

Lesson here: Honour yourself by trusting yourself. And know that the Universe always has your back.

It is What it Is

Peace be with you.

I sat down to write a post yesterday and…oh, how do I say this? It sucked. I thought the post was headed somewhere but nope, clearly it was not.

So of course I immediately jumped to the conclusion that whatever was pouring out of me suddenly went pouf and was gone forever more. Oh yes, 12 posts and it’s over. I slay.

But you know what, when it’s not there, it’s just not there. There’s absolutely no point in forcing it. It’s not always going to flow, things aren’t always going to go your way and that’s okay. A little bitch slap never hurt anyone. (Bahaha! I can’t believe I just wrote that!)

In this moment all the angst I experienced yesterday was so worth it! Smile is officially back.

Lesson here: Make peace with whatever “it” is and let that shit go. Pronto!

Feeling Good is Everything

Sometimes a simple cup of coffee is enough and other times, it's really not! LOL
Sometimes a simple cup of coffee goes a long way and other times you need so much more….like a cinnamon bun too.  LOL

I started writing this post before I left to go to the grocery store and when I returned, I took my own advice.  So here it is and then I’ll tell you what I did.

What will I do to feel good today?
If we asked ourselves this one simple question at the start of each day, I believe our lives would change in the most wonderful ways.

Not, what will someone else do for me but what will I do for myself in order to feel good today?  Simple yet powerful because feeling good leads to being happy.  And who doesn’t want that?!

Feeling good + Being happy + Every day = A Good Happy Life

Of course you’re not going to feel good 100% of the time but by making feeling good a priority, you’ll notice far more quickly when you are not and you’ll consciously find ways to get yourself back to feeling the way you want to feel.  It’s pretty much our superpower okay!  LOL

I was sort of meh after the grocery store and didn’t want to feel that way.  So what I decided to do for myself was sit down with a nice cup of coffee (because they’re always nice) and a cinnamon bun and simply enjoy the moment.  It put me in a completely different state of mind and made me appreciate that I know how to take care of myself.  It’s important to note that this was a “guiltless” cinnamon bun.  Yes, there’s such a thing!  All I had to do was decide there was.  LOL

So, I ask you now….
What will you do to feel good today?

Lesson here:  The better you feel from moment to moment, the better your life becomes.

Bon Voyage,


Out with the Old in with the New

Change the way you look at things and allow yourself to soar.
Allow yourself to soar high.

Old: Make something of yourself
New: Make peace with yourself

Old: Work hard
New: Have fun, enjoy, play

Old: Hustle
New: Ease and flow

Old: It takes grit
New: Trust yourself, trust in your abilities and what you are drawn to

Old: It takes determination
New: Do what you love, love what you do

Old: You need to control everything
New: Trust that things are always working out for you

Old: Be the best
New: Be unapologetically you

Old: You need to prove yourself
New: You are worthy, you are enough and you matter a lot

Old: You need to be somebody
New: You are a creative genius and a genius creator

Lesson Here: A new way of looking at things changes everything.

Bon Voyage!