Shedding Light on Jealousy and Envy


The other day I wrote down these words; I wish to see all parts of me and embrace them lovingly.

And boom!, the very next day jealousy and envy decided to show up. Instead of pushing against, resisting or trying to change what I was feeling, I let it sit there for a bit and decided to investigate.

Jealously and envy, what do you intend? Are you a foe or are you a friend?

By asking these two simple questions, I immediately felt some space open up between me and my emotions. The emotions no longer consumed me, instead I was curious as to what I would find and got some of my power back in the meantime.

I realized that these feelings could only arise when I was stuck in my mind, judging and comparing. Old patterns of comparison and unworthiness were activated and my attention was no longer in the present moment.

Good to know.

Then I started thinking, what if feeling shitty wasn’t such a bad thing? What if its purpose is to warn us, to protect us and to guide us back towards love? If we didn’t feel bad than how else would we know we’d fallen into destructive thoughts or behavior. I believe these so called negative emotions are here to help us, to alert us. “MAYDAY, MAYDAY!! Not this way, turn back towards love, Love.”

It’s amazing how I automatically assumed jealousy and envy were bad and were trying to hurt me, when all along they were trying to guide me back towards my worthiness, my wholeness and most of all love.

Big Lesson Here:

To compete and to compare is such a part of our conditioning we often don’t notice we’re doing it and wonder why we’re so miserable.
We are literally all different flowers with our own scents and characteristics, each one uniquely beautiful and magnificent. Yet, beneath it all, we are all the same.
So less comparing, more loving. Appreciating each and everyone for who they are and the gifts they bring.
There’s no need to compete when we understand that we are ALL whole, full and complete.
Now let us all breathe a big sigh of relief. (Aaaaaaah…)

Bon Voyage,


4 thoughts on “Shedding Light on Jealousy and Envy”

  1. For me, jealousy and envy are often prompts to ask myself what’s lacking in my own life that is making me feel jealous of what someone has/is. I’ve also learned – what a surprise! – that some people are envious of ME. In either case, I think you have the right idea: to seek the deeper meaning. We do each have our own gifts, which we often take for granted or ignore when wishing we had someone else’s.

    1. Loved reading this. Yes, to seek deeper meaning. If only our natural tendency would be to revert to self-inquiry instead of self-judgement we’d save ourselves a lot of grief. <3

  2. I love this words: “We are literally all different flowers with our own scents and characteristics” This is exactly what I think and it’s a powerful thought. Thank you so much Lisie.

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